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Bel-Rea Large Animal Medicine

Large Animal Medicine (Notes &Links)

Links to updated notes, articles, web pages, and images related to Large Animal Medicine

Lectures Notes
  1. Lecture Notes, Complete, Updated 2018-04-18
  2. On-Line Merck Veterinary Manual

Files & Links

Regulatory Medicine
  1. Regulatory Veterinary Medicine, (from Lecture Notes) 2018-04-11
  2. USDA - Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS Home page)
  3. USDA - Links to US State & Territory animal import regulations
Genetics 07/09/2012
  1. Adj. weaning weight & index example
  2. DNA Testing for Genetic Improvement in Beef
  3. Top 200 TPI Holstein Sires
  4. S A V Final Answer 0035 - Pedigree/EPDs
  5. Connealy Impression - Pedigree/EPDs
  6. University of California, Davis, Veterinary Genetics Laboratory, Services for equine & other species
  7. Zoetus Animal Genetics, Beef Cattle
  8. Zoetus Animal Genetics, Dairy Cattle
  9. AgriGenomics, the best recessive trait knowledge base for Beef Cattle
  10. Neogen Animal Genetics, Click on "Resources" on the home page for the Knowledge Center
Lameness Exam
Youtube Videos
  1. Normal Symetrical Gait
  2. Front Leg Lameness
  3. Hind Leg Lameness
  4. Hind Leg Lameness another good example
  5. Hoof and Legs Physical Exam
  6. Palmar Digital Block
  7. Nerve Blocks of the Equine - University of Pretoria
Ultrasonography Sites
  1. Ultrasound_Physics, LAMed Updated 2018-02-04
  2. Basic Principles of Ultrasonography
  3. Academy of Veterinary Imaging
GI System
  1. LAMed_GI-notes2018-02-12.pdf
  2. DeLaval - milkproduction.com - Digestive physiology of the cow
Respiratory 08/10/2017
  1. Respiratory Disease and Types of Pneumonia (pdf)
Cardiovascular 02/23/2017
  1. Cardiovascular System 2018 notes (pdf file)
  2. A nice cardiovascular system review from Santa Barbara City College
  3. Heart Anatomy and function from Santa Barbara City College
Reproduction 02/19/2013
  1. IMPORTANT - Read - Reproductive Disease.pdf
  2. Applied Repro Stratagies in Beef Cattle Resources - from UNL
  3. D. Garner, Breeding Soundness Exams (Bulls); Proceedings, ARSBC Conference, October, 2005, Reno, Nevada
  4. Pregnancy determination in cattle (Beverly et.al.) - from TAMU
  5. Training manual for embryo transfer in cattle (Seidel) - from FAO UN
  6. IMPORTANT - Read - Reproductive Hormones Spreadsheet
  7. Wikipedia image File: Steroidogenesis.svg
  8. 2014 Estrus Synchronization Protocols - from Beef Repro Task Force
  9. Comparative Repro. Lec. 1 - Gross AnatomyRepro Physiology & Endocrinology.pdf
  10. Comparative Repro. Lec. 2 - From Gametes To Parturition.pdf
  11. Comparative Repro. Lec. 3 - Repro Physiology & Endocrinology.pdf
  12. Comparative Repro. Lec. 4 - Hormone Therapy & Estrus Cycle Control
  13. Comparative Repro. Lec. 5 - Male Reproductive Tecnologies
  14. Comparative Repro. Lec. 6 - AI and Semen Processing
  15. Comparative Repro. Lec. 7 - Embryo Transfer
Microbiology 10/02/2014
  1. ViralFamilyDescriptions.pdf - from virology.net
  2. VirusFamilyTable.pdf - from Center for Food Security and Public Health
  3. The virus family chart and more is also available here:
  4. Texas A&M University, Institute for Infectious Animal Diseases (IIAD)
    A Department of Homeland Security, Science and Technology Center of Excellence
Pharmacology 01/12/2015
  1. FDA - Animal and Veterinary Topics
  2. Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank (FARAD)
  3. Drug Withdrawal Times and other Info - An excel file that links to FDA and FARAD individual drug pages for food animals
  4. Large Animal Pharmacology Lecture, Loberg & Hemming

Educational Links

Academic and Veterinary Organization Links
  1. American Association of Equine Practitioners
  2. American Association of Bovine Practitioners
  3. American Dairy Science Association
  4. American Society of Animal Science
  5. Journal of Animal Science
Cattle Breed Associations
  1. American Angus Association
  2. NAAB list of U.S. Beef Breeds
  3. Other U.S. beef breeds
  4. NAAB list of U.S. Dairy Breeds
  5. Oklahoma State Univ. - Cattle Breeds of the world
Agricultural University Links
  1. Colorado State University, Veterinary Medicine
  2. CSU, Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Annual Open House, April 21, 2018 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
  3. Colorado State University, Veterinary Diagnostic Lab
  4. Colorado State University, College of Agricultural Science
  5. Iowa State Univ. - Center for Food Security and Public Health - Reportable and exotic diseases in animals
  6. North Dakota State Univ. - Farm Building Plans
  7. Oklahoma State Univ. - Animal Science Department
Reference Sites
  1. National Library of Medicine, PubMed/Medline
  2. USDA NAL; National Agricultural Library
Food Animal Industry Organizations
  1. Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank
  2. Beef Quality Assurance Program
  3. Milk & Dairy Beef Quality Assurance (DQA) Center

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