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Animal Reproductive Technologies and the A.R.T. Breeding Center offer cattle breeding, embryo transfer, embryo freezing, frozen embryo storage and semen storage services to livestock breeders in Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska and Kansas. We offer in house and on your farm services. We also offer veterinary and consulting services to our clients. We can provide you with livestock management suppliesn and breeding supplies.

Animal Reproductive Technologies is operated by Patrick Hemming DVM, a 1976 graduate of the Colorado State University, College of Veterinary Medicine. Doctor Hemming has been engaged in veterinary reproduction practice, including embryology, since 1982. Embryo transfer and artificial insemination are predominant parts of Dr. Hemming's veterinary practice.

In December, 2005, we opened an embryo donor facility in North-East Colorado, between Greeley and Sterling. This facility offers a 600 acre, rotational grazing environment, ideal for embryo donor cow / calf pairs. We can also house recipients with calves at this facility. We can handle heifers, dry cows or even bulls, in an un-crowded, 1000 head feedlot.

With over 40 years of experience as a veterinarian in the beef cattle industry, Dr. Hemming can develop a successful ET or breeding program that will work for you and your cattle. Call us and we'll show you what we can do for you.

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